Innovation Philosophy

Our Visioneering Philosophy™ enables us to Keep Discovering

Borealis’ Value Creation through Innovation strategy sets it apart from other companies in the industry because it puts tremendous focus on the entire value chain. Borealis does not just make products, but rather has the ambition to look at the entire life cycle of how these products are processed, deployed, used and ultimately recovered.

Applying its Visioneering Philosophy, Borealis identifies and anticipates unmet market needs to consequently develop the corresponding solution. Through investing in our people and their expertise, in proprietary technologies such as Borstar® and the way we do R&D we unlock the materials' molecular properties and create tailor-made products.

Borealis believes that leveraging internal research and development together with external ideas, competences and resources in a structured way can provide better solutions to its customers’ needs and create value for society. By working with external partners throughout the value chain and establishing collaborations with academia, customers, suppliers, brand owners, Borealis is continuously pursuing new technologies and business opportunities through Open Innovation (OI).

Open Innovation

Through collaboration efforts with universities around the world, Borealis aims to develop new technologies and solutions. The company also recognises the two most innovative research papers on polyolefins, olefins, base chemicals or fertilizers to engage young people in Borealis' mission of providing chemical and innovative plastics solutions with its Student Innovation Award.

As described below, Borealis is also applying all other aspects of Open Innovation in its innovation process. Please get in touch with your good ideas  – Borealis is open for business.

Sustainable Innovation Leadership

Borealis has a well-established innovation project management process where customer needs, experts, processes and technologies are combined. Multidisciplinary project team representing R&D, business and production ensure efficient knowledge sharing; creates insights across boundaries and ultimately leads to timely achievement of our innovation goals.

As part of Borealis' overall growth strategy, Borealis is committed to spend a substantial part of our R&D and innovation resources in breakthrough research and development projects. The company believes that only in this way value-adding products can be developed that put Borealis and its customers at the forefront of their industry.