Rigid Packaging

We work closely with our partners in the industry to discover new and enhanced rigid packaging solutions based on our proprietary Borstar® Nucleation Technology.

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Thin Wall Packaging

High flowability and good mechanical properties

As the market leader in the thin wall packaging consumer area, Borealis offers a full product portfolio based on our Borstar® and Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) proprietary technologies.

Our customers and value chain members benefit from excellent material performance and advantages including cost effective processing, down gauging possibilities and quality assurances for a broad range of material applications.

Clear benefits with an impact

  • High flow BNT materials, which can be processed and cooled quickly reducing cycle times
  • Good balance of mechanical properties, including stiffness and impact
  • Excellent organoleptic properties (no taste, no odour)
  • High transparency with random copolymers

Proven technology for sustainable results

Our materials, based on Borstar® and BNT, make it possible to combine the three critical requirements of high flowability, good mechanical properties and in the case of random copolymers, high transparency. We are one of few companies offering a full product portfolio for the thin wall packaging market; organoleptic high flow blocks (MFRs up to 100), organoleptic and transparent high flow randoms (BorPure™ grades) and also specialties, e.g. transparent material with good low temperature impact (Borpact™ SH950MO) for ice cream packaging.

Increasing value by working together

Borealis works closely with value chain members to enable down gauging and increase productivity. For example, high flow materials with BNT can create a cycle time reduction of up to 20% for the convertor, depending on the part and application, resulting in energy and cost savings. Our customers have been able to down gauge their design due to the higher flow and improved mechanical performance in several instances.

Caps and Closures

Exclusive technologies bringing innovative results

Borealis provides a range of specialised products for both standardised and customised caps and closures, with a focus on product development bringing enhanced advantages and benefits to the entire value chain.

The caps and closures industry is rapidly evolving and must accommodate the demands and needs of converters, brand owners, and end consumers. Converters require materials which enable energy savings and cost reduction in production; are easy to process and offer good material flowability; deliver consistent and reliable quality; and provide excellent performance at the filling line. When adding brand owners and end consumers to the equation, demands increase even more: packaging must ensure the optimal balance of product differentiation, organoleptics, security of contents and user convenience with a focus on delivering sustainable and lightweight solutions.

Benefits for converters and end consumers

Borealis provides a range of specialised products for both standardised and customised caps and closures. Our focus on product development brings enhanced advantages and benefits to the entire value chain. Our polymer design capabilities and exclusive technologies, such as Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) and Borstar® multimodal technology, allow us to offer high quality polypropylene (PP) products that meet the needs of this complex sector. Furthermore, our BorPure™ high density polyethylene (HDPE) grades deliver high processability in combination with excellent organoleptics and outstanding production economy. Our BorPure HDPE grades are the Borstar family of multimodal organoleptic HDPE materials dedicated to caps and closures for carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices and teas.

Dedicated value-adding solutions thanks to leading-edge technologies

Our Borealis Nucleation Technology provides significant, value-adding advantages in PP:

  • Increased stiffness without negatively affecting drop impact resistance, thus enabling downgauging and ultimately, material savings
  • Limited impact of colouring on dimensional stability, allowing for fast colour change during production without the need to adjust process parameters, providing increased cost effectiveness
  • 10%-20% cycle time reduction, mainly through shorter cooling time and easier demoulding due to faster crystallisation
  • Energy consumption savings of up to 10% due to possibility of reducing extruder temperature

BorPure™ MB5568: underwritten by sustainability

The Borealis BorPure family of HDPE organoleptic grades, designed on our Borstar multimodal technological platform and dedicated for the beverage closures industry, has been recently further upgraded with the addition of a new advanced grade, BorPure™ MB5568. Thanks to its enhanced Borstar polymer design, BorPure™ MB5568 is an excellent platform for further lightweighting without compromising material performance properties. It has the following advantages:

  • 50% improvement on the already excellent ESCR of its predecessor, MB6561
  • Flowability equal to benchmark monomodal MFR2 HDPE resin
  • Excellent organoleptic properties which are regularly monitored to ensure batch-to-batch quality consistency
  • Cost effective and sustainable choice for the entire beverage closures value chain

Bringing value through sustainability to the caps and closures industry

Borealis is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for the caps and closures industry. Our customer-driven approach to innovation coupled with our polymer design capabilities and exclusive technologies allow us to offer timely, value-creating products for the complete value chain in a sustainable way.

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Functional and environmentally friendly plastics

Borealis offers a wide range of recyclable polyolefin consisting of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for blow moulding applications.

Lightweight and robust plastics can help make packaging forms such as bottles more consumer friendly than traditional materials like glass and aluminium. Yet the material demands posed by manufacturers and consumers alike are varied and complex. Converters require highly reliable and cost-efficient materials which can be used with a variety of production techniques, including extrusion blow moulding (EBM), injection blow moulding (IBM) and injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM). Materials must:

  • Provide for easy processing
  • Enable downgauging
  • Offer good mechanical properties, including ideal balance between impact/stiffness as well as stiffness/chemical resistance
  • Be suitable for applications requiring high stiffness and top loads

Manufacturers, brand owners and consumers also demand excellent organoleptic properties.

Wide range of advanced polyolefins for packaging solutions

Borealis offers polyolefins for packaging solutions produced through blow moulding processing techniques. Our range consists of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for blow moulding applications. These materials can be used to produce bottles or bottle-like containers for wide-ranging applications. We deliver advanced solutions to fulfil today's sophisticated market demands, but offer additional benefits as well. Because they are made from recyclable polyolefins, our plastic materials for bottles are more environmentally friendly. Thanks to downgauging, plastic bottles have become lighter while maintaining durability and strength.

Borstar®: the cutting-edge technology for functionalised packaging

Borealis offers materials based on our own Borstar® multimodal technology which allows for the tailoring of polyolefin molecular structure to meet specific customer demands. Borstar is the only existing advanced technology designed for PE and PP which offers such a high level of process and product tailoring. Its polymers exhibit good flowability as well as the ideal balance between good mechanical properties and processability, and chemical stiffness and resistance. For converters utilising EBM, IBM and ISBM techniques, our PP materials for bottles offer:

  • Potential for weight reduction when compared to other transparent materials such as glass, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polycarbonate (PC) thanks to PP density
  • Enhanced safety for consumer (no breakage)
  • Excellent processability
  • Excellent clarity and transparency
  • Balance of high stiffness, good impact and temperature resistance
  • Potential for hot filling
  • Very good organoleptics
  • High line productivity

A global supplier to rely on

For over 50 years, Borealis has been a leading supplier of superior polyolefin plastics for advanced packaging and fibre solutions. Thanks to our unique and proprietary technologies and our deep understanding of customer needs and market demands, we provide a portfolio of advanced products and services which create real value for clients and partners. 


A product portfolio for a growing industry

Borealis offers a broad product portfolio of homopolymers, heterophasic and random copolymers that can be used in a variety of applications.

The thermoforming industry continues to show steady growth. Around 90% of the total market in thermoformed products is made up by rigid packaging forms for food, including cups and trays for fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and fish products, and the increasingly popular ready-to-eat convenience items. Packaging techniques such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) help lock in freshness and extend shelf life. Microwavable trays make life more convenient for today's consumers.

Uniquely comprehensive product portfolio

Borealis offers a broad product portfolio of homopolymers, heterophasic and random copolymers that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Homopolymers offering good stiffness and clarity together with excellent thermoforming behaviour fitting for a wide range of food packaging applications, trays, lids and pots
  • Borealis BC918CF, a heterophasic copolymer with good transparency and  stiffness/impact balance  especially  appropriate for low temperature applications such as deep freeze packaging
  • Random copolymers with excellent clarity and gloss, calenderable and suitable for a variety of food packaging applications

Addressing the thermoforming industry challenges

Our full range of PP products for thermoforming offers advantages such as product consistency, a good balance of mechanical properties in terms of stiffness/impact and excellent processing behaviour in terms of extrusion/thermoformability which enables lightweighting along with even thickness distribution.

By using our thermoforming solutions, our industry partners are better able to address sustainability needs not only by the downgauging and lightweighting potential offered by our solutions, but also by substituting other rigid packaging materials by thermoforming.

Transport Packaging

Durable solutions across applications

Borealis technologies enable transport packaging solutions that meet key market demands.

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) involves packaging solutions used for the transport of goods that are designed for reuse within a supply chain. Typical RTP items include bins, boxes, trays, pallets, crates and more. Widespread industry acceptance of RTP solutions has spread from the automotive to other sectors, including food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics and more. For both manufacturers and businesses, switching from traditional packaging forms to RTP can help achieve cost savings. What is more, using RTP satisfies demand for increased environmental sustainability, as reusable solutions mean less waste. Finally, RTP solutions are often easier and safer to handle in transit and storage, thus contributing to overall employee safety.

Providing durability for RTP

Borealis supplies a range of polypropylene (PP) grades for injection moulding (IM) techniques which fulfil the most important criterion for RTP: durability. Plastic materials need to be able to withstand handling and stacking during transportation and storage. On the shelf, they must be resistant to wear and tear and retain their visual appeal when used as point-of-sale displays. Thanks to our proprietary Borstar® technology and Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT), we have optimised our grades to meet such market demands.

Optimised results thanks to Borealis Nucleation Technology

Grades manufactured with BNT exhibit a highly uniform crystalline structure during cooling, rapid solidification for earlier demoulding, and higher output in the IM process. RTP items manufactured using BNT offer the following advantages for the value chain:

  • Production output increase through reduced cooling time and high flowability
  • Good balance in mechanical properties (stiffness/impact)
  • Limited impact of colouring on dimensional stability
  • Superior stackability through high stiffness and excellent creep properties
  • Very good impact resistance translates into more durability during transportation and storage

Valued-added innovations in RTP

For over 50 years, Borealis has been a leading supplier of advanced polyolefin plastics for advanced packaging and fibre solutions. Our unique Borstar® and BNT technologies support a wide range of polyolefin applications in transport packaging. With our optimised grades for the packaging industry, we continue to supply cost efficient, durable and environmentally sustainable materials to our value chain partners.


Adding value from manufacturer to end user

As a reliable supplier with a comprehensive product portfolio, Borealis provides the materials that ensure good performance and stable quality in housewares.

Our partners and customers along the entire value chain benefit from cost effective processing of materials. Borealis works closely with its partners to find novel applications for safe and convenient items, including food storage containers, toys and household storage boxes.

Material advantages offer the edge

  • High-flow BNT materials which can be processed and cooled quickly giving cycle time reduction
  • Good balance of mechanical properties, including stiffness and impact
  • Good organoleptic properties (no taste, no odour)
  • Good transparency with random copolymers

Adding value by working with our partners and customers

Borealis works closely with our partners and customers to add value and reduce costs. Depending on the product and application, high flow materials up to MFR 100 combining our proprietary Borstar® and BNT technologies can in fact help achieve cycle time savings of up to 20%. Such savings benefit the entire value chain and make our lives as end users of housewares more enjoyable.