Our unique polymer and manufacturing technologies, Borlink™, Visico™/Ambicat™, Borstar® and Casico™, enable compounds to meet our customers’ needs and contribute to their success.

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High Voltage (HV) Cables

High voltage, high performance

Our Borlink™ solutions for high voltage applications deliver excellent performance, increase efficiency, decrease production costs and help reduce the environmental impact of our expanding infrastructure.

Across the world, a confluence of environmental, social and economic factors has led to the need to upgrade ageing high voltage (HV) networks in developed countries and build new transmission networks, especially in emerging nations. Now more than ever, network operators must ensure the secure, reliable and economically efficient transmission of electricity; the minimisation of losses during transmission (especially over great distances); the fast installation of new lines and refurbishment of outdated ones; the integration of energy from new (renewable) energy sources – all while keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

Borlink XLPE insulation enhances network performance, reduces costs

As one response to current and future challenges in grid performance and supply reliability, underground cable networks have become increasingly viable alternatives to traditional overhead lines thanks to advances in technology and reductions in overall system costs. Borealis has developed the Borlink™ technology platform, a complete global package of power cable compounds and expertise with applications for HV, including extra high voltage (EHV) and high voltage direct current (HVDC). Based on our enhanced base resin technology (Supercure), Borlink insulation compounds are unique and innovative materials offering superior cleanliness essential for reliable high performance. For manufacturers, these compounds provide:

  • Increased scorch safety during cable extrusion, lowering risk of insulation defects
  • Long cable production runs
  • Reduced degassing time burden optimising production, with 10-20% shorter production cycles possible and the subsequent reduction of associated capital costs.

And for system operators, Borlink HV solutions offer long-term reliability, overall safety and low-loss HVDC technology.

Cleanliness is key to top performance in the long term

Our proprietary Borlink solutions based on XLPE insulation compounds and semiconductive inner and outer shield compounds have become the preferred compounds of choice for HV underground cables. They are cost effective, highly reliable, have low dielectric losses and low environmental impact.

To ensure cable system reliability, the use of high quality and clean XLPE compounds is essential to avoid reduction in insulation performance and even critical system failure. Borlink XLPE insulation compounds are produced in contamination-free environments according to a closed or controlled loop system and delivered in Borlink octabins filled under clean room conditions. This ensures the level of cleanliness required to achieve consistent and reliable long-term performance.

At higher electrical stresses, a smooth interface between insulation and shielding increases the potential of maintaining an uninterrupted power supply. Our Borlink semiconductive compounds have been optimised to provide the required smooth and even surfaces which eliminate surface pips, reduce electrical stresses and minimise the risk of power failure.

Leading global supplier with a proven track record

Our Borlink technology stands for reliability, continuity and security, and enables continuous innovation step-changes. Borlink serves as the platform to work together with the entire energy infrastructure value chain to establish innovative solutions that address the challenges of an increasingly connected world. By working together with Borealis, producers and operators enjoy access to high-quality and reliable solutions which help meet rising demand for electricity and facilitate rapid infrastructure growth. We have a unique and impressive industry track record spanning decades of operational experience in HV, EHV and HVDC, yet we never stop innovating. And by continually investing in state-of-the-art production facilities, we can maintain the consistently high production cleanliness levels which are required for the most demanding applications.

Building Europe's future electricity networks with high quality underground and subsea cables

As an associated member of Europacable we are supporting VISUALIZING ENERGY 2014 highlighting the role of renewables in the energy transition. We are the leading supplier of materials used for high quality underground and subsea cables. These cables will be an essential part of Europe's future electricity networks. At Borealis we are committed to bringing energy all around.

Electricity Transmission of Tomorrow: Underground and Subsea cables in Europe

A Revolve publication in association with Europacable

Medium Voltage (MV) Cables

Linking an expanding world

Borlink™ technology lies at the heart of our MV insulation system, allowing increases in cable production output while maintaining excellent long-term electrical performance and reducing production costs and the overall costs of ownership over the entire product lifecycle.

Global electricity demand is growing continuously and thereby places high demands on power distribution networks: they must provide a reliable supply of electricity at an affordable price, and do so in an environmentally sustainable way. As the grids for the year 2050 and beyond are currently being built, the needs of developed and emerging nations diverge. While emerging nations seek to establish an effective infrastructure with broad reach, older grids in developed countries need to be modernised and expanded to enable the integration of power from renewable sources such as wind and solar, and to become more efficient.

Borlink™ MV insulation system: the reliable and cost-effective solution

In order to fulfil rising demand for medium voltage (MV) power distribution networks while meeting the varying needs of different regions throughout the world, cable makers must raise their production levels quickly and cost effectively without compromising on cable quality or the long-term reliability required for cables, whose service life may extend to 40 years and beyond.

Designed by Borealis to significantly enhance production efficiency, Borlink™ technology lies at the heart of our MV insulation system. Using Borlink enables cable makers to increase cable production output while maintaining excellent long-term electrical performance. This not only reduces production costs, but also the overall costs of ownership over the entire product lifecycle.

  • When using Borlink copolymers, an increased production output of up to 10%-20% over standard homopolymer crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and outstanding electrical performance that meets the most stringent market requirements can be achieved.
  • With Borlink Supercure homopolymers, production runs can be extended by up to 30% over standard homopolymer products thanks to superb scorch retardant performance.
  • Meet the industry's demanding delivery schedules by using high-productivity Borlink compounds. These enable more efficient use of resources at higher line speed; longer running time, higher outputs; shorter and more flexible production cycles; and lower cost per cable kilometre.

MV Visico™ as a Borlink complement

Our MV Visico™ is based on proprietary silane copolymer technology and has a proven track record of over 15 years. With limited initial capital investment, it enables cable makers to work at high speeds, produce short length cables, and reduce start-stop scraps.

Addressing sustainability to 2050 and beyond

Borlink is an innovation that underscores our commitment to the wire and cable industry. It combines the company's leading production technology with the support of our world leading application experts. Our philosophy is to provide innovative materials that allow for the problem-free operation of cables over very long time spans. Long life, without the need to frequently scrap and replace cables, is an effective way to limit the environmental burden. For more on how to contribute to enhancing sustainability, review our recommendations on how to recover plastic waste from cables.

Low Voltage (LV) and Overhead Cables

Innovative technology, impressive performance

Borealis solutions help low voltage cable manufacturers meet the core challenges of high productivity cable production yielding consistent and reliable cables.

As global demand for reliable and sustainable power supply solutions rises, the industry is also becoming increasingly competitive. More than ever, high productivity, superior product performance as well as product differentiation have become key factors in cable industry success. Cable makers must raise their productivity levels quickly and cost effectively but without compromising on cable quality and long-term reliability.

Delivering reliability and cost efficiency in LV cables

Borealis continues to develop solutions which help low voltage (LV) cable manufacturers meet the core challenges of high productivity cable production yielding consistent and reliable cables. Borealis insulation solutions help reduce production complexity while at the same time driving cost efficiency. In addition to our simple thermoplastic solutions, we offer a range of innovative solutions for major types of LV cables for both overhead and underground applications. Our proprietary Visico™/Ambicat™ solutions are leading and cost-effective products when it comes to providing, installing and extending the lifetime of cable systems and raising the potential for uninterrupted power supply.

Visico™/Ambicat™ – cost-effective crosslinked polyethylene

Our high-productivity solutions are based on our proprietary Visico/Ambicat ambient moisture cure, silane crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) technology. Tangible benefits to our customers include:

  • Increased production efficiency of high-quality, moisture cure LV cables thanks to reduced production complexity and less scrap produced
  • Higher production output  of cable using existing equipment
  • Faster production cycles requiring less manpower
  • Production campaigns of up to several weeks due to unique scorch retardant solution
  • Crosslinking under ambient conditions without the need for elevated temperatures (elimination of water bath or sauna saves energy)
  • Low environmental impact: catalyst system has no tin and contains neither flammable liquids nor harmful additives
  • Visico/Ambicat solutions are available globally and come with comprehensive technical support.

Enjoy the highest productivity benefits

Borealis delivers effective Visico/Ambicat solutions in LV energy transmission and distribution, both overhead and underground cables, and offers world-class innovations in providing, installing and extending the lifetime of cable systems. Our two-component system (base material and proprietary catalyst) helps cable makers gain the competitive edge by providing fast crosslinking in ambient conditions, improved ease of cable processing and minimal downtime leading to higher productivity.

Communication Cables and Cable Jacketing

An increasingly connected world requires increasingly efficient connections

Borealis offers a comprehensive range of solutions for advanced data, copper multipair, fibre optic, and coaxial cables.

Driven by advancements in technology, the amount of data being transferred currently doubles every 22 months. Communication networks around the world must respond to rising data volumes by for example moving towards use of data cables in the higher categories 7 and 8. As fibre to the home (FTTH) and fibre to the building (FTTB) have become the norm, complex installation environments (such as those with tight spaces) are also becoming more frequent. In order to satisfy these rapidly evolving and increasingly sophisticated industry needs, Borealis offers a comprehensive range of solutions for advanced data, copper multipair, fibre optic, and coaxial cables.

Innovative technology at the core

Our leading-edge technology Borstar® enables us to offer a wide range of linear low, medium and high-density polyethylene (PE) compounds to fit all jacketing requirements for fibre optic cables, offering easy processing, low shrinkage, and the highest stress crack resistance.

Borealis and Borouge offer a broad product range of copper multipair cables, from solid to foam solutions. In coaxial cable applications, we offer a two-component solution for radio frequency cables and a complete range of gas injection insulation and jacketing grades for various types of coax cables.

Specific solutions for specific industry issues

HE4873 is the compound of choice for physical foaming of high-end data cables. Offering the advantages of a full compound, it enables stable processing at high line speed and a fine and uniform cell structure with increased crushability. Longer production runs can be achieved due to the anti-plate out nucleating agent system. HE4872 is our recommended solid insulation with improved copper adhesion to reduce cross talk; it can also be used both as conductor and outer skin.

Working with our partners to find tailor-made solutions

With more than 50 years of experience, Borealis is the dependable partner of choice for high-quality polyolefins used in a wide variety of power transmission and distribution cables as well as in electrical and fibre optic communications. By working together with Borealis, wire and cable producers have access to high-quality, reliable, and innovative power cable solutions – such as Borstar for fibre optic cables – in order to meet rising demand for fast and efficient communication networks and to facilitate rapid infrastructure growth.

Flame Retardant (FR) Cables

Safer cables across applications

FR Cables in Construction

Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, flame retardant materials are subject to increasingly stringent regulations. Manufacturers must produce building products which exhibit low flame propagation and low smoke effluent generation. They must also be easily manufactured and fulfil all applicable safety specifications.

We, at Borealis, offer low smoke and zero halogen (LSZH) solutions which meet a number of industry standards. Our proprietary Casico™ compounds exhibit reduced heat release and smoke generation, and produce no corrosive gas emissions. These reduced hazard materials decrease the risk to health and life as well as secondary fire damage to equipment and installations. Our lower density compounds often permit downsizing thus contribute to environmental sustainability: less material is required while maintaining superior system performance. Specific Casico features include:

  • Excellent processing characteristics
  • Low smoke and no corrosive gas emissions
  • Superb system ageing compatibility
  • Mechanical strength and low water permeability
  • UV-stabilised and suitable for colouring
  • Allows cable downsizing
  • Processability on most PVC/PE extrusion equipment

FR Cables in the Automotive Industry

Global automotive manufacturers continually strive to improve vehicle performance while at the same time fulfilling increasingly complex environmental and safety-related requirements – all of which vary according to world region. Automotive wiring must be cost efficient; deliver higher temperature and wear resistance; offer greater flexibility; whilst meeting all relevant technical specifications.

To help satisfy these wide-ranging criteria, we offer a broad range of peroxide and irradiation crosslinkable polyethylene (XLPE), flame retardant compounds which have been specifically developed to provide ideal primary wiring solutions in automobiles. Our XLPE solutions offer concrete benefits to OEMs and suppliers:

  • Halogen-free flame retardancy
  • Temperature performance: -40°C to 125 °C
  • Compliance with SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) J-1127 and SAE J-1128
  • Non-tarnishing characteristics
  • Excellent heat stability and easy extrusion
  • Easy colourability

The ever changing needs in this fast moving sector result in a stream of new products which will address new applications, fulfil stringent worldwide specifications and provide cost advantages.

Commitment to high performance and innovation

We have a respected track record of innovation in the area of FR cables for the construction and automotive industries. Our dedication to innovation and discovering better solutions to specific industry problems enables us to offer superior technologies such as Casico. Our partners trust the consistently high performance and the sheer breadth of our processing techniques and applications. As a global supplier, we can help our customers achieve cost efficiencies and production consistency in all their markets.