Load Securing

Legal requirements and best practices demand that all loads carried on vehicles are adequately secured, regardless of the length of the journey. The purpose of this load securing is guarantee legal compliance by all persons involved in loading and securing of cargo on vehicles, including carriers and shippers.  The instruction aims to provide a guide for adequately securing cargo and covers all situations which may occur in normal traffic.

This best practice is to protect the content of the loads and more specifically, those involved in loading and unloading, driving of the vehicle; along with other vehicles, pedestrians and others who share the road. It is estimated that 25% of accidents involving trucks can be attributable to inadequate securing of cargo.

Test Certificates

Austria (Schwechat)

Load securing instruction
Octabin pallet
Bag pallet


Bag pallet
Big bag pallet
Octabin pallet

Finland (Porvoo)

Bag pallet
Octabin pallet

Italy (Monza)

Bag pallet

Sweden (Stenungsund)

Bag pallet
Octabin pallet Dekra 1
Octabin pallet Dekra 2

Germany (Burghausen)

Octabin and Bag pallets
Oktabinen- und Sackpaletten